Weekend wrap up


Busy would be the operative word for this weekend–but save for a few “OMG I AM SO FREAKING STRESSED” moments and a couple of chit chats that helped me calm down and get back on track.

I’m going to just include a couple of pictures worth mentioning…

I accidentally bought a really expensive jar of cashew butter yesterday. Like 12 dollars expensive. Turns out it was delicious and I cannot wait to devour it, so I’m going to pretend like it was a mistake when I buy it again.

On toast, it seemed sweeter and more awesome than my normal almond butter. I loved this breakfast.

Like this pumpkin pie smoothie, best eaten with a spoon and topped with Ezekiel granola today (made with pumpkin, vanilla yogurt, spinach, ice, flax seed, and a bit of maple syrup).


Perfect post-spin nosh. I set up my trainer (with the help of Rachel) and rode (easy) for about 45 minutes this afternoon. It was pretty good–I’d almost call it bliss–but I am so apprehensive about my hip. I know better than to push it, so I stopped it at that and called it a day.


Note: I CANNOT WAIT TO TRAIN. I have physio and a massage booked for Monday and Tuesday but I think I am going to call and attempt to get into another physio (who I’ve heard is awesome with runners in specific) where I might be able to feel like I have a plan for a return that doesn’t make me uber nervous.

The past few nights I’ve been having this snack — greek yogurt with chocolate cookies crumbled on top and a bit of honey too! Or a banana instead of the yogurt with my Praventia cookies, but I’m realizing I’m waking up not so hungry, which is frustrating. Smaller bedtime snack is in order!


That’s about it on really exciting foods! We had a good Sunday Funday spread today — so many vegetables! I made a beet salad with goat cheese (and had a piece of salmon cuz I was ravenous). I’m still trying to eat a bit more in season and luckily beets are available in Ontario in season right now! Yahoo.

This week is busy–when don’t I say that? My goal is to stay on top of things (because I really have a lot to do, but I really am over-reacting when I say I need to get it all done right now–due dates are there for a reason) and to be positive.

Example: “I have to write this article for Canadian Cycling Magazine.” What the hell, Cheryl? You GET TO write an article! About something you’re interested in (eating less meat)!

Example: “My hip still hurts.” Yeah, but it’s getting better — slower than you might like, but it’s happening!

Example: “When people tell me great job for getting into grad school, I feel bad for telling them I’m not going.” Yeah, but you’re not going because you’re not signing up for a career you know will not be the best for you and because you have plans to do something better instead. I’m going to elaborate on this one. If I wasn’t going because I was going to do nothing–literally nothing–fine, I could feel bad. But I’m not. And I could not go and travel or work and those would be fine–but I legitimately have a bigger and better plan for my life. I need to come up with a way to frame my response to congratulations in this positive way. Maybe it’s fear of sounding like I’ve got a big ego or perhaps it’s just because I’m so used to NOT giving myself credit for being awesome, but I feel ashamed to say that I and doing something I want for myself more instead of going through schooling for journalism. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be a writer, but I also genuinely want to do the Foods and Nutrition program and to help people on the healthy path in some way, quite possibly as a dietitian. I really can’t think of a better route for me to take–I am passionate and determined and I think those are the important qualities that are going to make me successful. Second degrees seem like they’re easier for lack of a better word because you actually really really want to be there! So I’m excited and I’m going to start ALLOWING myself to be excited–not harbouring fears that it’s not going to happen or that something is going to go wrong. I have a plan and I am going to do it. So there. Ditto for my hip getting better and me having an awesome summer filled with activity.

On that note, I’m going to go get organized for the week ahead! My notes are a mess again, so I don’t really know what needs to be done. Gimme half an hour and I’ll be the queen of organization (or will have read 120910291 blogs I’ve missed 😦 !).

How was your weekend?
Have you ever ridden a trainer? Like or no?
What goal do you have for the week?


10 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

  1. ummm I love that you have pink wheels on your bike! lol! so glad the spin went well – seems like things are starting to look up with that hip and you’ll be back to training again in no time – esp. with a runner-specific physio! I definitely feel a lot more…comfortable? trusting? confident? now that I’m working with a chiropracter who himself is a runner and who specializes in ART – I loved my physical therapists but the chiro just KNOWS haha.

    And YES you totally get to be excited about your career change!! I mean, I’M excited about your career change so yeah, you should be too 😀 I think its perfect for you, and it definitely took me more than one failed attempt to find the career that would work for me too. So, I totally know where you’re coming from! I got accepted to med school and declined the offers (all my friends who were denied admission were REALLY pissed at me haha), and then withdrew from the graduate program I’d chosen instead of med school….uhh i’m hoping 3rd time’s the charm haha. And if other people think you’re giving up, or that you’re making a bad choice, well….haters gon’ hate. 😉

    • Oh girl, did I mention I love you? Cuz I do. And the love is growing! Thanks for the support.

      I am going to prolong this student lifestyle a bit longer and be proud of it. Finding a career that you actually want to do is so much more important that doing what you “should”. Hate that word. I think you’re going to be the best freaking physio (or whatever path you end up choosing) out there. Serious. Passion + dedication + determination + awesomeness. ❤

  2. Sometimes expensive nut butter is totally worth it! Artisana coconut butter is $18 (eeeeek!) but I love it too much to not buy it. 😛

    Also I sometimes have that same problem with bed time snacks! If I eat too small of a snack, I wake up hungry in the middle of the night. If it’s too big, I wake up still full in the morning. I can’t find a happy medium!

    And I can relate to what you said about your 2nd degree plans too! When I told people I switched, I felt like they were disappointed in me for giving up on science or for wasting my potential to be a doctor. But you know what? It’s OUR life and we’re doing what will make us happy. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of! 🙂

    • Oh man! I think I have a jar (glass one?) of it in my cupboard! I don’t know what to do with it…that’s a lie…I know what Andrea did with it and now I wish I was at home instead of on campus all day cuz I’d eat it in a SECOND. Mmmmmm…

  3. I LOVE eating cashews on their own, but I’m not a huge fan of cashew butter to be honest!! I’m really jealous of your bike and trainer. I really want to get a road bike! I feel like I would be more motivated to swim, bike, and do triathlons if I did!

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