Fun things Friday

5 Quotes I’m loving this week

  1. “I hate writing. I like having written.”
  2. Vulnerability is not weakness….vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.”

4 Posts/Pages on eating approaches

  1. Chelsea’s What is Normal Eating post. PS Send her some love cuz it’s her blog birthday this week!
  2. Tina’s Unreasonable Food Rules page. Like Tina, there are certain rules that I used to have for food. She sums up how crazy hers were (and makes ya think about the ones you might still have).
  3. Leanne’s Food For Thought page. I really connect to her posts and especially this reflection, because I think I’m feeling out this vegetarian stuff and figuring out how to eat meat or whether or not I should and hearing from someone who has a healthy approach is really helpful!
  4. Tessa’s WIAW – Certain Understandings post. Tessa is so in touch with stuff–it’s inspiring!
3 Things I’m looking forward to this weekend
  1. finishing my essay: Just citations, edits, and printing it off … there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!
  2. racing with tri club! I’ll be swimming and biking and Alysha will be running. Dream team!
  3. celebrating Chelsea’s blog birthday!
2 Alternative to dos
1 Thing I want you to check out

Today’s issue of The Gazette. Especially my column on page 5. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fun things Friday

  1. oh god so true about the writing hahaa! papers and essays were NOT my strong suit. give me lab reports and data kthanks hah. GOOOOOD LUCK & have fun in the Tri tomorrow!! so awesome you get to race!! 😀

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