TGIF…on Saturday

Better late than never right?

5 cheesy pictures I love

4 songs I’m adding to my iPod





3 articles I bookmarked

1. Diets are like antacids: It’s time for a paradigm shift – “Diets temporarily treat symptoms, not causes; diets temporarily change behaviors, not the source of those behaviours.”

2. Ashley Judd’s op-ed piece on The Daily Beast responding to criticisms about her looking “puffy.” – “The dialogue is constructed so that our bodies are a source of speculation, ridicule, and invalidation, as if they belong to others…”

3. Bre getting a shout out on Fitness Magazine’s website this week! I am glad to say I know her and read her blog! Check out Bee Goes Bananas!

2 videos I love (stolen from Facebook)



1 magazine I bought to read instead of my textbook this weekend


10 thoughts on “TGIF…on Saturday

  1. LOVE the videos!! Especially the “Make It Count” thing….I can’t think of a better way to make your life count 😀 also I want to marry that guy hahaha. anyways….I can’t wait to read these articles! “Diets are like antacids”….so, so true. just a bandaid, not a cure!

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