TGIF to get back to happy

I love these posts and I could use something that makes me oh so happy after last night’s drama.

5 quotes I retweeted this week

4 posts worth a read

14 Ideas for the Morning After a Binge (from –> This really speaks to me and it gives four steps to make ya feel better, which you need since as the article says, the day after a binge is yucky.

“Anyone who is a binge eater knows that the next day you wake up feeling like you have the worst hangover possible. The physical repercussions are not what makes the day after a binge hell, the mental battle with yourself is challenging.”

2. I’m Calling for a New Paradigm (from –> Like my post about why I dislike “strong is the new skinny,” this post takes on the obsession with being uber lean and goes so far as to do an experiment, leaning herself out to the 12% body fat that makes her look like a fitness magazine cover model–at the expense of her own health/feeling good! Her message is awesome:

“I no longer appreciate the ‘Strong is the New Skinny’ meme, mostly because it is generally accompanied by images that are unrealistic and unhealthy for most of us. I believe in the original intention, the celebration of strength. Being strong is great, but you don’t need to be shredded to be strong. And you don’t need to be, or look, strong to be healthy. The original message has been co-opted, twisted and turned into a marketing tool to sell us a new mythology. I’m calling for all of us, even the fitness models and figure competitors, to reject the cultural mythology that there is one standard of beauty and health…We all deserve better than this, and to be loved just the way we are.”

Amen to that!

3. How to Attract The Love of Your Life –> Angela sent me this one. So cute, so smart!

“How do you attract soul-mate-twin-flame-hot-lust-tangled-up-in-each-other love? By falling in that kind of love with yourself. Take care of yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful you are. Tell yourself that you are fully accepted exactly as you are.”

4. “Our Weight: When is it ‘Happy’?” from –> Kind of an oldie but definitely a goodie:

“When you aren’t treating your body properly, you will never feel good, no matter how small the image is looking you in the mirror….I think it is really important that we learn that being super thin or ‘x’ amount of pounds will not bring happiness. Happiness comes from the inside, feeling good about yourself, and making healthy choices in your life.”

3 things I want 

1. Hair. So I can braid it. And have a ponytail.

2. A blazer. I love this one from Aritzia but I don’t want to spend so much…I’m kind of cheap!

3. Shoes like these…I’m on a mission!

2 songs that are taking me back 



1 friendly reminder

…anddddd I’m happier already!

Have you read any of those posts?
Do you retweet cheesy quotes? Who do you follow?

What’s on your wanna buy list for spring/summer?


11 thoughts on “TGIF to get back to happy

  1. LOVE the blazer, I am a huge fan of the longer-ish blazers that are popping up. Also, I agree complete with your number 2 and 4. The strong is the new skinny is good – but when pictures of tight six pack abs are staring at me!

    • I am hoping to find one for less than the price tag on that one, but yeah! Navy? Grey? Khaki? Whatdya think? Black seems to basic and I have a short blazer that’s black already. So onto something more exciting!

  2. You know that I read your blog all the time, but I’m finally commenting! Just because I can’t say it in person for a little while. But I love you, you are so wonderful and strong in so many ways. (With great taste, in music, clothes and friends! – is that self centered of me?)

    • NOT self centred at all. And I love that you read.

      I also think you rubbed off on me — considering I was inspired by your CDs and you awesomeness in general.

      I miss you! ❤

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