Weird and wonderful what I ate Wednesday


Today’s eats were random, just like this warm weather we’re having (there were thunderstorms in Ontario in January–that’s weird!).

Breakfast was squash (with butter, sunflower seed butter), eggs, and alfalfa sprouts. 20130130-205046.jpg

I had a coffee date with a friend–I went a bit early and listened to some podcasts and journalled! I was absolutely inspired by the Think By Design presentation Dr. Jamie gave last night and I had another dose of inspiration talking to a gal I know from Gainsborough this morning. I know so many awesome people!


After my coffee date, I trained at CrossFit — snatches (frustrating) and tabata rows (ow). I lost my appetite but grapes never fail to entice me so they made for a fine afternoon, post-workout snack. 20130130-205100.jpg


At about 4, my cooking (I made roasted root veggies, salmon wrapped in bacon, coleslaw, snausages, hardboiled eggs) was done and I had a tasty piece of salmon (bacon-wrapped, omnomnom) over some coleslaw. 20130130-205106.jpg

I felt pretty full but after a night of interning and teaching my last bootcamp at TAC (for a while, anyways), I was hangry. I had a few pieces of salamiiiiiii as my bedtime snack.


Now my priorities are: dark chocolate, shower, and sleep! Thursdays are awesome but they are jam packed, especially when I try to fit in a training session at CrossFit in the morning. Have a happy Wednesday!

What’s the weirdest bacon-wrapped goodie you’ve loved? 

Wireless-less wiaw

Soooo my apartment’s wireless is on the fritz which means you’re in for a treat: my attempts at blogging, emailing, and texting without autocorrects making something a laugh or two are pretty awesome.

For your sake, we’ll go mostly wordless on today’s! Good thing it’s a what I ate Wednesday…

Breakfast was eggs, spinach, and a sweet potato with almond butter/butter before laundry and chit chats with a friend. 🙂


Lunch came after a noon workout–my fav time to train but not one that generally fits in my schedule–and a PR and was pork, cabbage, and a nanner with coconut and some butter. Yes, I do eat weird things. Yes, I’m okay with you judging me.


After lunch came coffee time (it was social, don’t worry) and then I say myself down and got down to work editing and working on something that I totally forgot I needed Internet for tonight. I ended up needing more time than anticipated so I had to miss my interning at the gym. I made time for dinner-more pork this time with carrots alfalfa sprouts and almond butter-before playing instructor at bootcamp.


After a long hot shower, some dark chocolate, and this here blog post, I’m zonked!


Hopefully we get the wireless sorted out soon but for the meantime, I’m gong to enjoy the disconnect and read one of the many books I’ve been thinking about starting/finishing! 🙂 nighty night!

WIAW take 2

Quick! What do you love to do?

Blog! Eat! Sleep! Sweat! Inspire!

Today, I’m fitting in most of those. Here’s a relatively wordless WIAW with one reflection:




brisket and coleslaw with homemade mayo!




sweet potato with butter, almonds, sea salt, and alfalfa sprouts—paleo sandwich?


trail mix


leftover meatloaf from the freezer, kale, artichokes, parmesan cheese



i like chocolate…and steamed milk

Okay, more like a couple reflections:

  1. I had the pleasure of some conversations with people who are entirely real today. This is refreshing!
  2. I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. K deliver the Think By Design presentation this evening. It was big stuff and goes right along with all of the good stuff I love to think and talk about here, there, and everywhere. Props to him for tackling a big, seriously important topic!
  3. I felt blah in the gym today. My cleans sucked. I should probably have some patience and focus on focusing while I’m working on them, not on worrying what I look like or what so and so can do or what I’ve done before. Ditto for the whole interning to coach process. I may be a bootcamp instructor and a trainer but I’m allowed to be nervous, to have questions, and to make some mistakes along the way–and it’s okay if it takes time to “get it”–process!
  4. Since I “gave up” coffee, I’ve ended up having one just about every day. That’s either a fail or a SERIOUS WIN! Considering I used to have about pot in the morning, some at work, and then decaf the rest of the day, I need to focus on how freaking amazing it is that I’m having a coffee a day. I also notice that now, when I have a cup, it’s special. I steam the milk. I sit and drink it with a friend, my journal, or my thoughts. I don’t get one for the sake of having one en route to work, while I’m driving, etc. I call this a major success.

That’s all.

After all, I do love me some sleep and tomorrow’s a big day–I’m working at GFC, I’m doing a little coaching with Christie Inge (another girl crush idol inspiration who I know I can learn a lot from personally and as a life coach, but this work is purely personal and powerful and exciting Peaceful Eating stuff), and I’m having a long overdue skype date with my sister, amongst other things (laundry, cleaning, blogging, RELAXING, mobility on my rest day!).

When do you most enjoy coffee? 




WIAW…back at it

I don’t even know how long it’s been since my last formal “WIAW” post but I figured what the heck. Especially since you’re not getting the daily play by play of my eats…







I thought a little snapshot for the week was in order.

This morning I woke up early for a quick workout with a friend. I worked on my power cleans while she front squatted like a boss and then we did some pull-ups, dips, and broad jumps. I was feeling a little defeated when I realized that I could only do 3 chin-ups today but luckily my workout buddy has a knack for saying the right thing at the right time and brought up something about how we’ll never be the person we were before (the girl who could do, say, 8 chins) again. We might be like her–able to do 9 maybe!–but when you worry about not being that person anymore it makes it impossible to appreciate who you are now. I can do three chin-ups! That’s bomb.

Moving on…

Even without a WOD I was tired and hungry after the gym. I had a quick breakfast and some tea…


eggs, brussel sprouts, potatoes, butter

and then made my way to work. Things were a bit stressful because I don’t have much of a voice and we were short staffed at first but they took a turn for the better quickly. I switched around my spot for the day so I was in the back room a lot and didn’t have to sound like a smoker trying to talk to people shopping! Phew. I was in the presence of a bowl of mixed nuts, though, which I readily snacked on. Luckily there were cashews, albeit mixed in with pralines and probably roasted in some questionable veggie oils.

I luckily had a super tasty lunch…


salad with sundried tomatoes, bacon-wrapped baked cod, and yes those are nuts “hiding” on the side of the plate

..and a crock pot with a pork roast waiting for me when I got home. If eating dinner at 4:30 is wrong, I don’t want to be right!


pork, alfalfa sprouts, baked sweet potato with maple syrup and butter

I was still hungry even after that tasty plate (and some more pork–my bad!) so I had an applesauce to try to end things on a sweet note. I could still eat more, but I think I’m just a combo of tired, thirsty, and anxious because this week is so busy so blogging seemed like a logical answer.


applesauce with cinnamon is delicious but is not the same as cake

MIA on this is the dark chocolate I’m probably going to have when I get home from bootcamp later. It should be interesting to see what screaming at instructing a bunch of people with New Year’s Resolutions is like. Wish me luck! For now it’s off to shadow the 6pm class at CrossFit before I head to teach the class–I added interning onto my list of activities this week so that I can achieve the “I am a coach at West London CrossFit” goal I set for myself! You can believe that when I get home, I’ll be faceplanting and sleeping early. Tomorrow’s a big day–my first official day at Gainsborough Family Chiropractic and I cannot wait. This week is the start of a lot of awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 5.30.39 PM


This post is going to take a different route and kind of sum up some of the stuff I’ve been snarfing lately. And snarf I have…the last stressful week left me eating kind of like a monster. You won’t see the chocolate and random nibbles in these pictures cuz they happened too fast for a photo BUT I am owning up. Last night was a fun night full of junk food (you’ll see) so I’m definitely feeling it and have the motivation to get back on the healthy train. All life is balance and in the past I’d have felt so driven and compulsive about eating “perfectly” to make up for a “bad” week but I’m looking at it with totally different eyes. Acceptance. That makes change possible, right?

Here goes!


apple oats with raisins and walnuts and yogurt


rice cakes, almond butter, sprouts, and cranberries


mini meatloaf and brussel sprouts


yogurt and oats and coconut 🙂


oats and cinnamon and banana and yogurt and yummmmm


apple, kale, carrot, and grape salad with chicken


swiss chard, brussel sprouts, and sausage 🙂


pudding shots with baileys and kahlua om nom nom


oh lord, my coffee table is wild. pudding shots + sour puss gummies = the things you can only justify having as a student therefore needed to be consumed. guac and bacon wrapped figs from my friend who we’ll call martha! and havarti cuz havarti makes a party…


disclaimer: didn’t eat this all. but did dabble in a burger with peanut butter because how can you not at 2am?


failed protein pancake…delicious mess when it comes with a banana, honey, peanut butter, and flaxseed on top

It would appear that I love oats and yogurt. That’s the honest truth! Still, posting my eats make me realize I could use some v a r i e t y! I’m craving a bagel…


What’s something tasty you ate this week?
What do you eat a lot of?
Have you ever made pudding shots?

Nearly wordless Wednesday

I love Wednesdays!


(MIA = granola bar, chocolate chips, and coffees galore–one of those days!)



roast beef and sprouts on walnut bread with mayo — missing in photo action: pickles




leftover turkey burger over salad with croutons, parmesan cheese, and sun dried tomatoes! I used caesar dressing.


nothing wrong with nibbling


6 caramel rice cakes and some yogurt = post spin refuel. I think I have a hollow leg and rice cakes are NOT going to fill it, but they were delicious.

Goodies we made in lab today (bruschetta, squash gratin):




Quotes that helped me get through today (feeling some pressure around being in the nutrition program, which is competitive and thinking a lot about competition and how stupid it makes people and how it would be nice if we could all realize we deserve what we want most and that there’s plenty of good to to go around):

And that’s all folks.

What was tasty that you ate today?
Do you deal well with competition?  

WIAW on to the next one

…degree that is!

Tonight marks my last exam of this degree. Well, technically it’s not even for this degree, but whatever! My next course (summer school) will be the start of finishing up my Foods degree! Yay for change.

This morning I had best intentions of studying after breakfast (Kashi, All Bran, banana, soy milk, and almond butter).

I ended up at the grocery store instead. It happens. A girl needs a stocked fridge!

After groceries, I went for my longest run since January! It felt surprisingly good (nothing in my calf acted up, it just feels tight now, so I’m choosing not to think the worst and am just paying attention to it) and mentally I was so happy to be running an extra 10 minutes, even if I am still taking my walk breaks. Yes, I’m anxious about getting hurt, but that’s probably normal and I’m getting less antsy about it.

Lunch was early because the run left me kind of hungry and studying makes me bored. So I eat. Turkey sandwiches with cheese and light mayo and cranberries are delicious, by the way. And pickles are a nice touch to any plate, even if it is covered with crumbs!


And an adora disk makes a tasty dessert (so I’m doing it 2x/day :)!).


And I did study a bit, but I also fell asleep on my futon in the process (no lie). I have no idea what to expect for this exam, but I want the next hour to go by oh so fast so I can just get it done. I did the work during the course so I think I’ll be A-OK! And by think I mean hope.

I woke up to a fruit salad snack. Delish.


Then I biked. Bonus biking, not on my plan, but the alternative was going insane in my apartment thinking about this exam.

Dinner tonight got tasty because I felt like cooking (further procrastination). Steak, potatoes, kale chips, onions, and mushrooms were in the mix!


Andddd, the moral of the story is: if you procrastinate enough, you don’t even have to do the work.

Did I mention you shouldn’t take my advice?

See you guys later — I’m going to celebrate after this exam, because I’m young and you only live once, right?

What’s the tastiest thing you ate today?
Are you in exams? How are you celebrating being done?

Wordless WIAW…with words?

That whole going wordless thing seems silly considering I have something worth saying.

I handed in my exam/essays today which means I am officially done my Kinesiology courses. That’s a degree, folks!

Holy crap.

My stomach is in knots and I think it’s just all the change/excitement getting to me.

I did not eat anything weird today…

just one, not the whole box. and i split it between pre swim and post spin snack.


apple, carrot, turkey, and cranberry salad with some almonds.


greek yogurt, mini eggs, and some honey!


vanilla/cake batter fro yo, a bunch of pineapple, granola, coconut, and a cherry on top. with chia seeds. this is a nutritional marvel. and it's dinner. not cheap. not ideal on a regular basis. but delicious!

It was a delicious day, but really random. And my stomach hurt every time I ate. Or drank. Strange indeed. I am hoping this sickness is stepping in for the migraine I was expecting when the calm after the storm hit?

Though to be honest the calm didn’t hit.

I celebrated today by spending lots of quality time with friends (breakfast date with a bunch of great folks, afternoon shopping with Angela, evening hangouts with Rache/seeing some other tri friends who always make me laugh) and by training plenty.

And, I’m pooped. Looking forward to a massage tomorrow. And to a swim with friends. And to a double dose of year end dinners (I don’t know what to wear! Eek!). And I’ll probably be ravenous since today was a really weird day for eating. I’m open to filling my hollow leg tomorrow, no problemo!

What was tasty for you today?
Ever finished a degree? How’d you celebrate?